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Setting Up A Home Expo Trade Booth

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Renting a spot to set up an exhibit or booth at a home expo can be an excellent way for some small businesses to advertise and grow. Running a booth at one of these tradeshows can be a unique experience with challenges that you may not have previously encountered if you are attending one of these expos for the first time.

Tailor The Booth To The Products Being Presented

Having a unified theme is important for a successful home expo booth, but it is also important to make sure that the theme is related to the items being sold. Otherwise, you may end up confusing people that visit the booth as they may be unsure as to what you are selling. For example, artificial turf on the floor of the trade booth can make sense for an exhibit designed for garden goods or outdoor accessories, but it may not be appropriate for a booth that is presenting interior home decorations. Luckily, business owners do not have to come up with this design or the idea for the booth on their own as many trade show booth design services that may be hired.

Know When It Is Necessary To Rent Two Spots For The Booth

A crowded or cramped display booth can be an extremely unpleasant place to be during a trade show. Additionally, it can also potentially be dangerous as there may be a much greater chance of people tripping due to the more limited space. To ensure that there is sufficient room for both the products you are wanting to showcase and potential customers, it can be worthwhile to rent two booth spots that are adjacent to each other. In order to be sure to get two adjacent spots, the booth reservation will need to be made early.

Ensure Any Items Are Secure When Being Displayed

When individuals are passing through your trade show booth, they may inadvertently bump into the items being displayed or the shelves that hold them. Preventing this from damaging the items can be possible by opting for shelving that has a guard at the end that will prevent items from falling off it. Another way of discretely preventing guests from bumping into these items or the walls that hold them will be to place small display tables along the walls of the trade exhibit. This will make it harder for individuals to accidentally bump into the walls while also giving your booth a professional appearance with an assortment of products.