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How To Create An Amazing Paintball Course

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When you are creating an amazing paintball course, there are a few things to keep in mind. As you do these things, your customers will have an incredible experience.

Mind the logistics

While most customers aren't thinking about how the business side of things work, the most important thing you can do to have a successful course is to manage things behind the scenes. Here are some of the basic components of a top notch paintball course that you need to organize before you open your doors.

  • Find a great source for compressed carbon dioxide and paintballs. Paintball guns run on carbon dioxide, and players will need a fresh canister every round they play. Additionally, as you are building the projections for your course, build in plenty of extra capacity so that you don't run out. 
  • Get a strong customer relationship system. You can get a great CRM system without spending much money. This system will allow you manage your customers and discover who your most frequent guests are. A good CRM system will also allow you to schedule email blasts and create targeted campaigns to drive business to your paintball course.
  • Cleanup. While it is inevitable that you will have to recondition your course over time to repair the damage from paintballs and other projectiles, you can keep it in good condition by cleaning up in between every round. Build in time between rounds for a quick sweep to pick up balls and clean off large paint splotches. At the end of every night, give the entire course a deep cleaning.

Vary your course

A paintball course that is all open space or that has too many obstructions and blocked paths isn't fun. One of the best places to take inspiration from is historical battles. Look at a variety of battles, including urban, forest, and open area settings. Avoid battles that use cavalry or other fast-moving mechanized equipment and focus on close quarters tactical engagements and battles that give an even footing to both sides. Focus on fights like Caen, Gettysburg, or Antietam where both sides were equally matched. Look at historical encirclements where one side starts surrounded by another side. A few great battles to look at for inspiration are Bastogne and Okinawa. Use balconies, staircases, and other three-dimensional structures to create additional challenges.

Use modular building techniques so that you can quickly and easily reconfigure your course. By doing so, you can keep people interested in coming back again and again. Keep your course easy to maintain with hard packed ground and avoid using glass and other breakable elements to keep your course safe. Additionally, avoid bushes and other greenery, as they are difficult to maintain and make your course messy and disorganized.

As you do these things, your course will be unique and motivate customers come back again and again.

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