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NY With A View: Where To Host Your Wedding Reception

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One of the most important things to decide when planning your wedding is what type of reception venue. If you and your fiance are located in New York City, then you are probably overwhelmed with the abundance of restaurants, catering halls, and every other sort of event venue imaginable. However, a cool way to narrow down the field is to pick a place that gives you an amazing view. This might be a tremendous view of the Manhattan skyline, or a view of the Hudson river, or, if you head out east, a nice view of the beach. So, with that in mind, here are three ideas for venues to host your wedding reception that have amazing views and are close to Manhattan.

A Penthouse Overlooking Central Park

One of the most beautiful views in all of Manhattan will be from the vantage point of a penthouse that overlooks Central Park. You can find these in hotels along Central Park South, Central Park West, or on the East side of Manhattan at some of the luxury hotels on 5th, Madison, or Park Ave. Most of these hotels are in hot demand for wedding receptions, so it's advisable to plan well ahead of time. Central Park is huge, and you will get a different look depending on where the hotel is located. For instance, on Central Park South, you get a long view of the park that is bookend by high rises on either side. The pond is right in the foreground. The big hotels on the east side give you a more expansive and wide view of the park, with some of them affording you a view of the lake.

Estate Overlooking The Hudson River In Dutchess County

If you want a huge, palatial estate for your wedding venue, then you're going to want to look north of the city and drive up to Dutchess county. This is north of Westchester. It's close enough so that all the guests can drive (or take the Metro North) from the city. There are huge estates that line the Hudson river, many built by titans of industry such as Vanderbilt.

You can get a spectacular view of the mountains across the river (Bear Mountain preserve). These big estates are great if you want an outdoor wedding. Some of them are located at en elevation, and you and your guests will be up on a hill, overlooking a grading slope and the cliffs that fall off towards the river.

Hamptons Beach Front Wedding

If you're looking for a beach view for your wedding, then your best bet is to head out to the Hamptons. This is located on the south shore, with an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean. There are lots of restaurants that you can rent out. Unlike Manhattan, where you will be looking for hotels, in the Hamptons, you are going to want to search out restaurants. The Hamptons has mostly small boutique hotels, and private homes. It's the restaurants that will have the large spaces for your event.

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