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Setting the Ground Rules for Your DJ or Band Members When Hiring a Wedding Band

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When you are hiring a wedding band, there is so much to take into consideration. Do you want an elegant string quintet, or a party DJ so everyone gets to dance and have fun? Even after you have made that choice, it does not simply end there. You have to decide whether or not you will provide food and drink for your musical entertainment, as well as the appropriate behavior and rules you expect your hired musical performer(s) should follow. Here are some standard ground rules and how to set them with the musical group or act you hire for your wedding.

Some Common Ground Rules for Your Wedding Entertainers

It does not matter if you hire a full swing band, a quartet or quintet, or even a DJ—they should all know what your expectations are. This includes the most basic of rules for them to follow. Some common ground rules that apply to all wedding performers are:

  • No smoking permitted inside, even when they are on break or at the bar.
  • No arriving to the event under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  • No playing songs you requested not to play

Essentially, whatever you find annoying or embarrassing at other people's weddings you can make it a rule for your entertainment to not do that.

Less Common Ground Rules for Your Wedding Entertainers

Just as there are some ground rules that most wedding entertainers expect, there are less common rules too. Often these are the result of different religious practices or interfaith marriages, but they may just be the wishes of the bride and groom too.

Some of these less common rules are:

  • No paid breaks
  • The musicians/music entertainers are not allowed to eat from the bridal buffet.
  • No songs about sex or songs with double meanings are to be played (very common in Islamic or Jewish weddings, but not so common at Christian weddings).
  • Your musical entertainment does not get to imbibe alcoholic beverages until after their paid hours are up.

How to Set the Ground Rules

Your musical entertainment will not know what the ground rules at your wedding are unless you explicitly tell them. Better still, get the rules on paper and have your entertainment sign the rules sheet. Then make copies and give them to the DJ or band. Don't worry if you come off as rude or demanding—you are simply setting the expectations for what you want and need for your big day.

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