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Planning Your Wedding Day: Secure Your Location As Soon As Possible

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As you begin to plan your wedding, one of the most important decisions you must make right from the start is where to have your wedding. How you decorate, who you hire for vendors, and your wedding date will all depend on the wedding reception venue you choose and the availability they have during the wedding season. If you are just beginning to plan your wedding, it's time to consider the various wedding locations in your area so that you can start to narrow down your search to the venue you want. You'll want to consider size of the venue, the price per guest, and the distance of the venue from the wedding ceremony as part of your search process.

The Size of the Wedding Venue

Once you have a good idea about the number of people you want to invite to your wedding, you can start to look for reception locations that can accommodate the size of your wedding. Whether you want a small, intimate party of 30 people, or you are looking at a wedding of more than 200 guests, you will need to know that your guests will be able to fit comfortably at the reception site that you choose. Talk with your potential venues regarding how many people can be comfortably seated, how tight the seating might be, and the size of the dance floor if you are close to maximum capacity.

The Cost of Your Reception Site

You can meet with various wedding locations to find out what it will cost you per guest to have your wedding at their facility. You can discuss menu options, and even ask for a taste test of the various meals your guests may be served. When budget is a factor for your wedding day, you'll want to focus on a meal that tastes great but isn't the most expensive one on the menu. You can have a great wedding, even when you are on a budget that limits your food choices, if the food is cooked correctly.

The Location of Your Wedding Venue

As you choose your wedding reception venue, it's useful to consider the distance of your reception venue from the ceremony. If the two sites are too far apart, it may take you and your guests too long to get to the reception. You don't want to miss out on valuable time with your photographer to capture the beauty of your big day.