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What Is Wrong With Your Trade Show Booth Design?

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Designing and displaying a booth at a trade show is an invaluable experience that could result in long-term benefits for your company.  Since you only have a few moments to grab the attention of passersby, you need to make sure your display stands out. Part of that is ensuring your booth design avoids the major mistakes that could turn off potential customers. Here are just a few of those errors you should avoid. 

Blending In With Others

Trade show attendees decide within a matter of seconds whether or not they are interested in learning more about a product or service at the various booths. If your display simply blends in with the others, attendees will not have a compelling reason to stop at your booth and learn more about your company.  

To get the attention of attendees, you need to be bold in your design. For instance, you can research the other booths before the trade show. Once you know more about their designs, you can look for colors that directly contrast theirs. Simply opting for a different main color for your design can make you stand out.  

Jamming Too Many Words Into Your Graphics

In the few seconds that an attendee looks at your booth, he or she will try to quickly read the name of your product or service and features. If your design is crammed with a bunch of text, it will be difficult to get a quick assessment of what you have to offer. People will also be turned off by a design that includes paragraphs of text to read.  

Remember, you only want to spark enough interest to convince attendees to come to your booth. Keep the text simple and to the point. Your message should be easily seen from a distance. Once you have the attendees to your booth, you can focus on helping them understand your product or service.  

Failing to Organize Your Display

You and your staff have a limited amount of space within the booth. If you do not include ways to keep the space organized, your staff could have trouble finding the tools that are needed to assist attendees to the booth. Worse yet, trade show attendees could bypass your booth altogether if it looks disorganized.  

During the design stage, include means of staying organized. For instance, shelving and cabinets can be added to hold some of the materials or products that you are offering to attendees.  

You can avoid these mistakes and many others that could possibly occur by turning to professional booth design services. For more information, contact a business such as Iconics.