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Don't Want A Big Affair? 4 Ways An Intimate Wedding Can Make Your Day More Special

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Not every bride or groom wants to plan a big, expensive wedding for hundreds of people. If you're in this situation, you may wonder how you can avoid it and still have a great day. In reality, a small, intimate wedding can be a way to maximize your wedding budget and make the day more special. Here are 4 reasons to do this.

More Venue Options. Because you don't need to find a space that can hold 300 of your closest acquaintances, you will likely find that you have new venue options that you didn't before, including outdoor gardens and historic buildings. Many wedding venues offer both large spaces and small ones on the same property, so you may find more availability on the same dates, as well. 

More Personalization. A small wedding ceremony is often easier to personalize to the tastes of you and your partner. You could opt for a destination wedding in a place that means more to both of you. Or, you may want to involve your small number of guests in the ceremony itself. They could share in the day by reading parts of a poem, lighting candles, or offering well wishes while you get married. 

Less Cost. Your wedding budget will go farther when you have less space to decorate and fewer mouths to feed. A smaller cake, fewer party rentals, and a smaller rehearsal dinner can all have a great impact on your bottom line. You can opt to spend more on certain aspects that are important to you, though. Want that costlier dress? Calculating the savings for each guest you don't have to feed a full meal may help you get it.

More Care for Guests. Because you won't be surrounded by lots of people, you can spend more time with those who are invited. If some family or friends are traveling from out of town, you can spend time with them before the wedding because you're not planning as many aspects. You may even find that you have room in your wedding budget to help someone travel to your ceremony, find lodging, get a dress, or see the sights. You could provide welcome baskets, flowers for arriving guests, or more substantial wedding favors as gifts. The ways to make your guests feel more at home may be endless. 

While any one of these reasons can be a great motivator for planning an intimate wedding, when you put them all together, it's easy to see how great a small ceremony and reception can be. For more information, talk to a professional like The Manoa Grand Ballroom.