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A Baked Goods And Fresh Fruits And Vegetable Sale May Assist With Raising Funds For A Nonprofit Agency

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If you oversee a nonprofit agency that benefits children in the community, you may be thinking of a new way to raise funds for your organization. Hosting a baked goods and fresh fruits and vegetables sale is one way to get people to donate their time and give back to the community. 

Hold A Public Meeting And Seek Volunteers

If the agency currently holds private meetings that only include routine volunteers, holding a public meeting will greatly enhance the chances of gaining some vendors for the upcoming sale. Advertise for the meeting through local media and by word of mouth. Hanging some custom signs around town will also inform community members of the social function.

During the meeting, address your concerns over the children who are in need, including how money that is raised or donated will be utilized, the lasting benefits associated with improving the quality of children's lives, and how you plan to raise funds at the upcoming sale.

Ask the people who attend the meeting to think about volunteering their services. Some people may be interested in donating food products for the event and others may be interested in promoting the sale or assisting customers who attend the sale. 

Rent An Event Tent, Furnishings, And Lighting

After you have received information about the wares that will be sold and the number of people who are willing to volunteer during the event, you will have a pretty good estimate of how large a rental tent will need to be, the number of furnishings that need to be placed underneath the tent, and temporary lighting that is necessary if the event will be held at night.

Stop by an event tent rentals service to acquire information about the tent styles and sizes and the furniture types that are available for rent. Keep in mind that your vendors will need tables to display their wares on and that they may want to sit down occasionally.

Also, take into consideration that your patrons may appreciate if they are provided with a seating area under the tent so that baked items or fresh produce can be enjoyed prior to heading home or so that some of the visitors can converse with one another while they are seated.

After selecting the rental equipment and furnishings that you desire, request that the items are delivered a day or two before the sale is due to be held so that you and the other volunteers can set everything up. 

Mingle With Visitors And Hand Out Reading Materials

During the sale, keep your clients informed about the causes that the nonprofit agency is focusing on. If you have brochures that highlight information pertaining to your community and the impacts that donations will make, hand out the reading materials after mingling with some of the visitors.

Introduce yourself to each person who you encounter and welcome them to contact you at a later date if they have any questions or concerns that are associated with the non profit agency.