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Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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If you are looking to plan your dream wedding, using an outdoor venue can be an excellent option. However, an outdoor wedding venue will have different logistical considerations than an indoor wedding venue, and this may require some additional planning on your part.

Have Tents for Critical Areas

An outdoor venue can allow you to capitalize on the natural beauty of the area for your event. However, it is a fact of life that the weather may not always be cooperative with your plans. Ensuring that you have tents for the critical areas, such as the reception area and where the vows will be said, can be essential for preventing light rain, intense sunlight or other inconvenient weather from impacting your wedding.

Ensure the Venue Can Accommodate Catering Services

Having catering for your wedding reception can be standard planning procedures for weddings. However, there are some outdoor venues that may not be equipped to accommodate catering services. This can be especially true for outdoor settings that are particularly rugged or designated parks. Prior to formally booking a venue, you should review both the policies of the venue as well as the terrain to make sure that your catering service will be able to provide their services.

Take Steps to Reduce Insects

Insects can be a nuisance that may have a major impact on the enjoyment and comfort of your guests. Luckily, there are some discrete solutions for reducing the number of mosquitoes, flies and other insects that may pose problems during the event. One of the more effective solutions can be the use of citronella candles as they can repel mosquitos in a large area without being particularly noticeable. You can also use centerpieces that incorporate flowers that repel these pests or have been treated with chemicals to repel them. Additionally, some outdoor venues will provide the option to have the area treated before the event.

Avoid Waiting to Formally Book Your Date

Once you have decided on an outdoor venue that you want to host your event, you should try not to delay booking it. Outdoor venues are extremely popular, and they are often only available seasonally. This can make getting the date that you want difficult if you are not prompt in making your reservation. During the process of booking your event, you may need to pay a deposit, and this is usually nonrefundable. However, many of these venues may provide rescheduling if a problem arises with the date that you have selected.