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Rain Or Shine: Making Use Of Outdoor Social Event Venues Regardless Of The Weather

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Social events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, company picnics, holiday parties, and quinceaneras, all require a social event venue. While you could certainly host any of these events indoors, why not consider hosting them outside? When the weather is nice, it is almost a waste not to have a party outdoors. All of the following venues will allow you to host your event rain or shine, with the hopes that the majority of the event will be out in sunny, warm weather. 

Park Pavillions

Cities across this country have gone out of their way to make many of their city park pavilions really nice places to host a party. For a daily rental fee, you can enjoy the use of a pavilion, boathouse, or gazebo for your event. During the off-season (usually, fall through early spring), you may not have to pay anything to use a pavilion at all. Check with your city's parks and recreation departments to see what pavilions are available for your intended event. 

Bars and Restaurants with Outdoor Seating 

Bars and restaurants frequently have outdoor seating. You can sit here when there is no special event occurring, but you can also often rent the outdoor space exclusively for your party. Talk to the proprietor of the establishment to see what it would cost. Sometimes the only cost is the price of food and drink for the party. The bar or restaurant staff does the rest to keep party crashers out. If the weather turns unpleasant, just head indoors. 

Theme Parks

Theme parks frequently allow you to reserve their entire park for a few hours before a park officially opens for whatever event you want to host. If you pay extra, you can reserve the park for a private party and the theme park will close its doors to the public for the duration of your event. (Think quinceanera at a magical theme park, and you have the right idea.)

Ball Parks

Professional sports stadiums have the ability to shelter your party in the event of unpleasant weather. You can also hold your event in a seating box, or on the field if the team is not playing a home game that day. Many couples opt to get married on the baseball diamond or in the end zone of their favorite team's ballpark or stadium. It is a little pricey, but for a one-time event, you may think it is worth it.