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How To Test Your Audio And Video Equipment For An Upcoming Event

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If you are planning an event like a professional seminar or a wedding reception, you may need to consider renting audio and visual equipment for live presentations and entertainment purposes. Prior to your event, it is very important that you perform testing on your PA system, projector, and speakers to ensure that everything looks good and sounds clear. Here are three pieces of equipment that you will want to make certain that you test and some advice that will ensure your audio and video gear works efficiently.


If you are planning on having guest speakers or musical acts at your event, you will likely need to have a combination of wireless and stationary microphones. Take the time to test all the cables to ensure that there are no shorts. You also want to ensure that the receivers are not picking up any interruptions. Make sure that you have a couple of additional microphones on hand, along with extra transmissions and cables, in the event of any technical difficulties.

Sound Boards

Mixers are necessary for preventing feedback and properly balancing out the sound of all of your audio gear. Prior to musicians or lectors going on stage, perform a brief sound check. Adjust the volume so that it is at a comfortable level, and ensure that all the speakers are connected to the channels on the sound board. You may also want to hire a sound engineer to manage all of the controls.

Video Equipment

In the event that your event will include any kind of visual components, it is imperative that you perform a pretest on your projector and screen prior to the event. Make certain that you are properly connected to a Wi-Fi network in the event that there are individuals who need to stream video content. Make sure that you have plenty of HDMI cables, adapters, and dongles on hand so that your presenters are able to connect their devices easily into the projector for their presentations.

If you want to make sure that your upcoming event goes off without a hitch, you must make sure that you have the proper audio and visual equipment that your presenters, musicians, etc. require. This equipment can be rented or purchased, depending on your individual situation. If you would like to learn more about the equipment that you may require for your upcoming event, reach out to local audio visual equipment rental services.