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Renting A Bounce House This Summer? 3 Ways To Keep Things Safe

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Renting a bounce house is a great way to add an element of fun to your summer party. A bounce house can be a great addition to a birthday party or even a simple family barbecue. Children love bouncing around in bounce houses. If you decide to rent one for your event though, you need to make sure you have a safety procedure in place that will ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

Always Have a Responsible Adult at the Bounce House

A bounce house is not a substitute for childcare. If you decide to have a bounce house at an event, you need to have a responsible adult supervise the bounce house the entire time the house is running. The adult can help all the children get in and out of the house safely; bounce houses can be kind of tall and hard for small children to get in and out of easily. The adult on duty can also supervise the children's behavior and make sure there is not any roughhousing taking place that could result in injury to those playing in the bounce house.

Set a Limit for How Many Kids Can Use the Bounce House

Next, you need to make sure you set a limit for how many children can use the bounce house at once. Generally, the company you are renting the bounce house from will let you know the maximum number of children and/or adults the bounce house can support at one time.  You should set the max that you allow into the bounce house at once either at or below the number recommended by the bounce house.

Have a Place for Shoes

Shoes have no place inside of a bounce house. They can easily cause the bounce house to deflate, which is why everyone has to take off their shoes. Accessories or other extras that people are carrying with them should also be discarded. Set up a table for people to put their belongings on and set up a designated place for shoes. Make it easy for people to leave their shoes and belongings and feel safe about it. The adult who is manning the bounce house should make sure all kids remove their shoes and items from their pockets before getting in the bounce house.

When you rent a bounce house this summer for your special event, make sure you have an adult on duty to monitor the bounce house. Set a limit for how many kids can use the house at once and be sure to have a place for them to set their shoes and belongings.