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Rent a Reception Center for an Upcoming Wedding

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If you are planning your wedding or helping someone else with theirs, finding the best venue should be one of the first things on your to-do list. Here are some options you can consider. 

1. Your Place of Worship 

If you're planning a church wedding, the place for the ceremony will already be established. If you are on a bit of a tight budget, the church's fellowship hall might be the perfect place for the reception. There might even be things like round tables, folding chairs, and tablecloths available for you to use. You could save money on party rentals.

Of course, you will want to decorate the area so it matches the preferred theme or mood of the wedding. Use the wedding colors, decorate with flowers, and add lighting. In addition, place your daughter's wedding portrait in the entryway to the fellowship hall. Small framed pictures of the bride and groom on the tables as part of the centerpieces will be another way to add interest to the decorations and direct your guests to the right room.

2. ​A Reception Center

Maybe you'd rather opt for a reception center. As you visit different venues, look for specific things that will make the venue a perfect place for the event. Here are some options:

  • A beautiful courtyard where the actual ceremony could take place
  • A reception center that will accommodate the number of guests you'll be inviting
  • Catering on the premises
  • A beautiful garden area for photos
  • A formal dining room 
  • A dance floor for dancing and other reception activities

Some reception centers have lodging. If you will be expecting out of town guests, they might enjoy staying right at the place where the wedding event will take place. Or, the happy couple might enjoy spending their wedding night or even their entire honeymoon at a reception center that offers things like horseback riding, swimming, golf, or tennis. 

When you decide on the reception center you want to use for an upcoming wedding, make sure that you and the agent you work with understand each other. Have everything in writing so that there won't be any issues or disappointments later on. Keep in close touch with the agent before the wedding to make sure that everything you've requested is being taken care of in a timely matter. Be sure to keep receipts and other documents where you can access them easily.