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Don't Forget To Assess The Bathrooms When You Visit A Wedding Venue

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When you have identified a few wedding venues that you feel might be a good fit for your big day, you will want to schedule a tour at each. During your visit, you will assess a number of things, including the decor, the layout, and even the parking situation. One thing that can be easy to overlook, however, is the look of the bathrooms. Before you finish your tour, make a point of visiting each of the venue's bathrooms to assess them. Consider each of the following topics as you visit the bathrooms of the venue.


No one enjoys being in a bathroom that feels cramped, so you will want to look for a venue that has spacious bathrooms. Size is important because many people may use the bathrooms at the same time. For example, if you have a cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony begins, then you can expect a flurry of guests will head to the bathroom just before the ceremony is set to start. Large bathrooms will not only have a good amount of square footage but will have a lot of toilets as well as sinks.


At a wedding, a lot of people will visit the bathroom to assess themselves in the mirror. People may reapply makeup and adjust their hair throughout the day. You want to choose a venue that has bathrooms with good lighting. It can be difficult for people to do their makeup in an environment with poor lighting. If a part of your wedding will take place during daytime hours, then a bathroom with skylights or windows can help it appear bright and appealing as well.


It is common for wedding venues to have stylish decor both inside and outside of the venue, but you want to be sure that this approach to style is also present in the bathroom. It will be a lot more pleasant for your guests to visit the bathroom when it is decorated in a stylish manner, rather than feeling stark like the bathroom at a mall or fast food restaurant. For example, if you are assessing a modern venue that has black marble flooring and stylish brushed aluminum wall sconces throughout the common areas of the venue, then it is ideal to see these stylish decorative elements in the bathrooms as well.

For more information, visit a local wedding venue in your area.