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Four Unique Features Your Wedding Ballroom Should Accommodate

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Making your wedding a memorable event takes a bit of extra planning, but with a bit of creativity and help from the staff at your wedding ballroom, you can create a special day everyone can enjoy. Here are some unique features you'll want to make sure your venue can accommodate. 

Charging Stations

If you plan to allow guests to take pictures and post on social media throughout the day, charging stations in the ballroom are a must-have feature. Your venue should have enough outlets in the room to accommodate multiple charging stations, as this allows guests to power their portable devices without having to walk too far away. You can have your wedding planner or the event planner at the ballroom help you style the charging stations to make them both functional and beautiful. 

Red Carpet Photo Backdrop

Weddings give everyone a chance to dress up, so be sure your guests have a chance to show off their finery with a red carpet-inspired photo backdrop. This area can be set in the back of the room or off to the side where it won't detract from your festivities. Consider having a custom backdrop printed with the initials of the bride and groom in a beautiful font. Incorporating the wedding colors can give this feature a stunning finishing touch, and adding a wedding hashtag to the backdrop makes it easy for guests to tag pictures on social media sites. If possible, work with your photographer to dedicate at least one staff member to the area so everyone can have a professional photo taken. 

Bathroom Attendants

To make your day truly special, think about adding bathroom attendants to your ballroom package. The staff can help the bridal party and guests whenever they need to use the facilities, and having personal assistance in the bathroom can also be helpful for those with mobility issues or those with young children in attendance. Be sure that amenities, such as mints, hairspray, combs, and other grooming items, will be available for guests to use in the restrooms. If this option is not offered by the ballroom, ask about hiring a private firm to handle the staffing. 

Midnight Snack

Your wedding day will be long for you and your guests. You may find that everyone gets a little bit hungry even after the cake has been cut and passed out. Talk to the staff at your wedding ballroom about incorporating a midnight snack into the festivities. Small bites, such as sliders, meatballs, or fried ravioli, can provide a perfect treat for everyone still partying through the night. Consider serving about an hour before the event is set to end as a fond farewell for your friends and family. Remember that these should all be items your guests can eat without taking a seat at the tables, as the ballroom staff will have likely started turning over the room and cleaning up the tables before the end of the night. 

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