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Enjoy A Nighttime Wedding Outdoors With Several Wedding Venue Priorities

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When you think about your ideal wedding, you may envision it happening at nighttime. While some couples want a bright and sunny ceremony and reception, you may prefer the evening.

The tricky part is finding a wedding venue that can give you a fantastic nighttime wedding. Normally, a bright sunny day is all you need for a great day and impressive photos. But you will need planning and preparation to guarantee a wedding that satisfies your wants and needs. Making several priorities while looking at wedding venues will help you accomplish your goals.


Decorating an outdoor wedding for nighttime requires a different thought process than decorating for the day. For instance, you want to pick decorations that are easily visible at night so you and your guests can appreciate them. A viable strategy is placing decorations next to lights because they will cast light onto the decorations to make them more visible.

Another important detail to consider is decoration colors. Whites and light colors are worth prioritizing because they stand out at night compared to darker colors. White chairs and table covers provide great visibility to keep people from bumping into them while walking around.


An excellent way to combine lighting with decorations is by turning the lights into decorations. For instance, you can hang string lights in creative ways that look visually appealing. You can even add accessories to the strings to give them more visual interest than the lights alone.

A venue will want to use a combination of lights to illuminate the wedding. Some of these lights are permanent fixtures, which means you can check them out during an inspection. However, you may know some lights will only be set up before your wedding. A smart plan is to discuss lighting with each wedding venue to determine how they will tackle your lighting needs.


When you get married in summer, you may not worry about heating because the outside temperature will likely be comfortable through the night. However, planning a wedding for other seasons makes it important to have a plan to keep everyone warm and comfortable.

Many venues that offer nighttime weddings will have heaters to provide guaranteed warmth. Patio heaters work well because they can be set up next to each table at the reception. Also, you can put these heaters in strategic areas of the ceremony to keep everyone warm.

Using these priorities will help you pick an ideal venue for a nighttime wedding. If you're looking for a place to hold your wedding, look for private venues, such as Castle Waterford, in your area.