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Manage Linen Rental Costs

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Linens may be needed both during a formal ceremony and the dinner that will take place soon after. Keep event costs down by choosing standard, quality rental products and by using some protection strategies.


Tablecloths, table runners, chair covers, and accent fabrics may be classified as rental linens. A supplier may feature a range of products that include rigid and flowing fabric types. The thread count and elasticity of certain linens may have a bearing on how well a product will hold up and the overall form that a product will provide.

For instance, a cotton tablecloth with a high thread count will have a smooth appearance and will lay flat when draped across a table or over a chair. One with a low thread count may be more rigid in design and not lay quite as well as a superior product. Lower thread counts and standard fabric types may come with a lower price tag, however.

There are many ways to dress up furnishings, without splurging on the most expensive linen types. If your budget will not support renting top-of-the-line products, select a less expensive linen type and use dinnerware, flower arrangements, and candles to improve the appearance of each table where your guests will be seated during a social event.

Protection Strategies

Damaged or lost rental products may necessitate paying a surcharge. Keeping track of how many pieces you are responsible for and recording how each linen will be used will help you keep up with the rental products. Cigarette burns, liquid spills, and food stains could contribute to being responsible for an inflated rental bill.

The use of protective aids will protect each linen from damage. If you will be allowing your guests to smoke, make sure that you have plenty of ashtrays on hand and designate a smoking area. Avoid using linens in the area where smoking will take place. Use candle drip protectors and coasters to protect linens from burns, wax buildup, and liquid spills.

If you would like to fully protect a tablecloth from a local linen rental service, you can rent or purchase clear covers that are each the same size as one of the tablecloths. Covers are designed to be draped over linens and will protect them from stains. Before you return the rental linens to the place of business that you acquired them from, sort and count all of the products. This will ensure that you have accounted for everything, prior to returning the rentals.