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How To Throw A Petting Zoo Birthday Party Your Child Won't Forget

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When you are planning your child's birthday party, the first thing you need to think about is whether or not there will be a theme for the party. Will the theme be a superhero party or perhaps based on your child's favorite TV or book characters? If your child loves animals, you might want to think about holding a petting zoo birthday party.

A petting zoo birthday party doesn't necessarily mean you head out to a local petting zoo, but that could be an option as well. You can have the petting zoo come to your home. Here are some tips on how to throw a petting zoo birthday party that your child won't forget.

Choose Animals Your Child Loves

You have many options when planning a petting zoo birthday party for your child when it comes to what animals you would like the handlers to bring. This, of course, will depend on the size of your backyard and how many children you plan to invite. 

You have the option of almost any type of animal your child would like to see. You could choose horses or ponies, sheep or goats, ducks and chickens, and even domesticated animals like puppies or kittens. 

It's a good idea to look for handlers who have access to animals your child loves and that can fit well in your backyard if you choose to have the party at home.

Decorate With A Petting Zoo Theme

If you are planning on having your child's petting zoo birthday party at your home, you can decorate your backyard and inside the house with a petting zoo or even a farm feel to it. 

You could have posters or pictures hung in your living room and along hallways that depict the rural landscape with rolling fields of corn or other vegetables, large and small barn pictures, and even images of animals your child loves that are too large or otherwise unable to be present at the party.

In your backyard, you can have hay bales, small picket fences, and even mini barn structures to decorate the grounds.

Have Fun Foods Shaped Like Animals

For your child's petting zoo birthday party, you can serve their favorite foods such as hot dogs or hamburgers in the shape of little animals. You could put little edible ears and faces on cupcakes to make them look like cats or dogs, or you can arrange small sausages so they look like reptiles or snakes.

You could even hand out gift bags of little animal crackers or chocolates as each child leaves the party.