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Three Popular Children's Slumber Party Themes

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Hiring a slumber party service is a good way to increase the fun of your child's upcoming sleepover with friends. This service will deliver a wide range of items to your home that will make the gathering a lot more comfortable. Kids will get mattresses, pillows, and blankets, but the thing they'll likely most be excited about is individual tents in which to sleep. Slumber party services carry all sorts of tents that you can rent, and these tents come in many different designs. You'll enjoy browsing the designs to find a theme that you know will resonate with your child and their friends. Here are three popular themes.

Outer Space

A lot of children are excited about outer space at various ages. If your child is currently interested in this subject matter, you might be planning a space-themed party — especially if the gathering is for the child's birthday. Space-themed paper plates, napkins, and decor can all be fun, but adding space-themed sleepover tents will definitely excite the group. These tents will often have fabric that features a space scene with various planets. Imaginative kids might play in their tents and imagine that they're traveling through space.


Unicorns are another popular topic among many children. If your child loves unicorns, they likely have an assortment of unicorn clothing and toys, and will surely be thrilled to see unicorn-themed tents arrive in advance of their slumber party. The tents will be colorful and feature one or more renditions of this mythical animal, with blankets and pillows that match. Your child and their friends will almost certainly be eager to play with their unicorn toys in and around their sleepover tents.


Many children are interested in going on a camping trip but haven't yet had the opportunity to do so. With the right tents and accessories, you can easily give your child's sleepover a camping vibe. Look for tents that depict nature in some way. The frames of the tents might be brown to look like tree trunks, with the fabric green to depict tree foliage. With a bit of imagination, a child can crawl into their tent and imagine that they're entering the jungle. Gather up some jungle creature stuffed animals to further support this vibe, and you can expect that your child and their friends will have fun imagining they're sleeping outdoors in a natural environment. Look for these and other tent themes when you rent from a slumber party service.